Staying Connected is a Breeze

Tykester helps childcare providers keep parents up to date about their child in real time.

The Perfect App for Working Parents

Tykester connects you to your childcare provider – whether a daycare center, spouse, nanny, babysitter, or grandparent – in real time. Tykester is simply the easiest way to stay connected with your child while you’re away – for free!

The Ideal Tool for Childcare Providers

Childcare providers and caregivers love Tykester. Whether you care for a single child or many, record keeping is a breeze with support for applying one entry to multiple children, real-time parent notifications, and a detailed timeline that replaces the need for daily printouts.

Tykester Stories From Our Fans

  • Tykester has changed the way I run my Family Childcare Business. It is so much easier to keep in contact with the parents throughout the day!

    Michelle SlimakApple Valley Home Daycare
  • Tykester has been such a help to me, making it fun and easy to participate in my kids’ days while I’m at work. Even though we’re apart, I feel like I am with them on a real time basis.

    Meredith C.Washington, DC
  • Parents and guardians can stay in touch with whoever is looking after their children.

    KRIS-TV 6
  • I dreaded dropping off my baby in daycare after staying home with him for 8 months. This app definitely kept me at ease that whole first day.

    Fatima-Zahra B
  • If you’re a working nurse parent, Tykester can help you feel connected to your children while at work.

    Meaghan O'Keeffe, RN, BSNScrubbed In

Helpful Features

Real-Time Tracking

When you add an activity to a child’s day, the event is shared with your approved list of parents and caregivers instantly.

Track Multiple Children

Save time by tracking snacks, naps, playtime — any kind of activity — for  multiple children at once.

Mood Indicator

You know your child’s mood changes constantly. Get updates about how your child is feeling throughout the day.

Photo Sharing

Share the most exciting moments of a child’s day with photos taken directly through the app and saved in the log.

Daily Summary

Get a daily overview of how long your child has slept, when your child has eaten, and how your child is feeling — all at a glance.

Push Notifications

Never miss an update with instant push notifications delivered directly to your tablet or phone.

On All Your Devices

Your information is stored securely in the Tykester cloud and is easily accessible on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Tips and News for Parents

The Tykester team loves to pass on great tips, deals, and partnerships that make raising your child easier.

See How Tykester Works

In just a couple of minutes, you’ll see how Tykester helps working parents and childcare providers stay in touch, share exciting moments, and track important milestones in a child’s life. Discover how Tykster makes caring for multiple children a breeze with our simple activity tracking tools that eliminate the need for paper record keeping.

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