Discover Tykester, the easiest way to stay connected with your child while you’re away.

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Stay in touch… anywhere

Stay connected at work, and when you’re away. Tykester makes it easy to keep in touch.

Simple and easy to use

Tykester has simple to use tools for keeping track of your child’s day.

Works on all your devices

Stay connected on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

“Tykester makes me feel more emotionally secure and connected to my son, I know he is doing well and it makes me happy!” - Megan Friedman, Founder, Tykester

Simple. Useful. Fun.

Fun and easy real-time tracking for food, naps, and potty
Daily summary
Track multiple children at once, with one simple entry
Push notifications
Mood indicator
Works on iPhone, iPad, Android, and any Mac or Windows desktop
Photo sharing
Tips and news for parents

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